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The Senior Common Room – SCR

The SCR at St Aidan’s is unique. Other colleges in Durham split their student community into three distinct entities: The Junior Common Room for undergraduates, the Middle Common Room for postgraduates and the Senior Common Room for staff and associate members. At Aidan’s, the SCR is a combination of postgraduates and senior members which gives us a greater level of diversity and integration. As well as organising regular social events such as formal dinners, members’ nights and relaxed evenings in the SCR, we also represent postgraduate students in college and across the University on issues ranging from levels of interaction between the JCR and the SCR to the provision of desk space for research students. We hold tri-annual General Meetings to discuss business matters at which every member has the right to contribute and vote. As we are a Students’ union, you can ‘opt-out’ of the SCR if you do not want to be represented by us. Further details of how to do this can be found in the College Handbook.

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What is the SCR Exec?

The SCR is run by the Executive Committee, which is elected once a year in October-time. St Aidan’s SCR operates from a flat power structure, teamwork is essential to our success. Any member of the SCR is eligible to stand for election to open committee positions and this is a great way to shape the way the SCR is run.

Message from Interim President

“Aidan’s College: never above me, never below me, always by my side.”

Welcome ‘Aidanites’ 

 St Aidan’s is known as the “Rainbow College" and is a community that welcomes students from all backgrounds who want to participate fully in university and college life.

Our SCR is unique among the Durham colleges in that it is made up of postgraduate students and college and academic staff, something of which we are immensely proud.

The SCR is for you. It represents you at college and university level. Additionally, the SCR adds to your social life by running members’ nights, formal dinners, organising events with the rest of college or just by hanging out in our lovely common room. Of course, COVID-19 will make these social gatherings smaller, but together we can think up creative workarounds to build our SCR community.

The SCR needs you! Once you’ve settled in, why not consider becoming an officer and help to run the SCR? Contact Katie Brun if you are interested!


I have no doubt you will enjoy meeting other members of Aidan’s SCR and look forward to getting to know you over the coming year and hope you will enjoy your time at St Aidan’s.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions, comments, or just want to say ‘hello!’


All my best,

                k.d.e. 'Katie' brun

College Information

 On The Ballot

Elections for the SCR Exec - Friday, October 23 online via DUO!

This year’s motto: PIVOT!

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SCR Elections

Click on the PDF and get to know who is running for the 20/21 SCR EXEC!

If you want to run for a position by running against someone, email: with an intent to run by 20 OCT. by 5:00 pm

20/21's motto: PIVOT!
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via DUO



SCR Contact Information:

SCR Welfare Officer 19-20 - Vani Jani

SCR Treasurer 19-20

(Interm President September & October 2020)

SCR Mentor

St Aidan's SCR proudly presents Dr Barbara Crosbie. 

Barbara has vast experience mentoring graduate students, researching and problem-solving. If you get stuck or have questions about college, the university, or life- contact Barbara!


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